Ferne Kornfeld on Small Business Finance Tips for the Rest of 2021

Ferne Kornfeld
2 min readOct 20, 2021


The last two years have brought many difficulties and changes, especially for small businesses. Those that survived lockdowns and social distancing have done well, but there’s never any harm in being prepared.

As such, financial planning must always be a priority. Even now, with the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel finally becoming visible, planning is critical. It is time to plan how one’s business will change as the world struggles to return to the new normal.

Create a Budget

The most obvious way to financially prepare for the rest of 2021 is by creating a budget. It is always a smart idea to understand what budget a business has and how to stay on track. When creating a budget, don’t forget to account for repeating bills, known expenses, and the like.

Most importantly, once this budget has been created — stick to it. That’s the most challenging part for most people. Yet, it is also the most critical stage in this process. Going over budget can have disastrous effects, especially during changing times.

Autopay is Your Friend

When it comes to dealing with the bills and payments, autopay is your friend. Not only does this help to streamline the business, but it reduces the risk of creating bad blood through late payments. Additionally, automating payments reduces the risk of a negative hit to one’s credit score.

Annual Reviews

Admittedly, the last year may be painful to look back on. However, it is still critical to do an annual review. Now is the time to look at previous goals versus success, as it will help planning for the rest of the year — and beyond.

When conducting the review, don’t forget to consider every angle. This includes all of the lessons learned while running a business during a pandemic.

Always Have a Goal

Everyone needs to have a goal in life, and that applies to businesses as well. Those goals can include financial goals and a personalized idea of what success looks like to your business.

Plan on New Emergencies

If there’s one thing that 2020 taught every business owner out there, it’s that we need always to be planning for the next big emergency. Yes, those emergencies can be challenging to predict, but one should still make plans while the world is a bit calmer.

For example, now might be the perfect time to consider a new line of business insurance. Remember, insurance companies learned a lot from the past two years, and their models should start reflecting that now.

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