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There are many different types of leaders and leadership styles when it comes to running a business. How someone leads can directly affect the success of a company and its sustainability. Whether it’s a startup, small business, or corporation, an effective leader is essential.

As women begin to dominate in new industries and are taking the business world by storm, it’s clear that they have an impactful leadership style. How women run their businesses and operate their workplaces has not gone unnoticed. Women are redefining leadership in industry, which can potentially make them more successful than their male competitors.

Leading with Empathy

It’s widely known that women possess and have mastered the skill of . Being an empathetic leader was not as commonly known or practiced until women began building their own businesses and running corporations. Empathy is the main factor that separates women from men. As empathetic leaders, women have honed in on the skill of understanding another’s feelings and perspective. This leadership style allows them to openly communicate with their team to understand when they are struggling and how they can help. An empathic leader can build up their team for success through effective listening and communication.

Building Strong Bonds

Another skill that women possess that relates to empathy is the ability to build bonds. Often, women can better connect with someone on an emotional level. They can build a strong support system that will benefit them in the long run. Whether it is bond with their team or making connections with resources outside their business, women can build multiple relationships using their emotional intelligence and then leverage them when the time comes.

Showing Vulnerability

Another way women have redefined leadership is through vulnerability. Business leaders were long thought to be resilient, unbreakable forces to be reckoned with. However, showing some vulnerability has proven much more effective. As more women became leaders, it became clear that being vulnerable with colleagues is just as crucial as matching performance indicators and getting results. Showing vulnerability as a leader is not a weakness but rather shows strength in knowing when to ask for help and look for other resources. By admitting this vulnerability, women can identify when outside expertise would better benefit their business and success in the long run.

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