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Summer is the perfect time for days at the beach, having a picnic with friends, or hosting a barbecue. A refreshing cocktail can make these summer activities even more enjoyable. Here are the perfect cocktails to quench your thirst in the summer heat!

Classic Mojito

Nothing says summer or refreshing better than a classic mojito . This is best for summer dinners outside or if you plan on hosting a cookout. Mojitos are easy enough to make and will have you feeling like a professional bartender when you serve them up to friends and family. A mojito is the perfect mix of lime, rum, and fresh mint. You can also change it up by adding flavors like strawberry, raspberry, or spicy mango.

Campari Sangria

On a hot summer day, a Campari sangria is the perfect drink to cool you down. Make a pitcher of this cocktail to share with your friends when you head off to the beach to enjoy the sunny weather. With its refreshing combination of citrus, strawberry, rosé, Campari, and sweet honey, you might need to make more than one pitcher. You’re sure to be pouring you and your friends a second, or even a third glass.

Sangria Rosé Popsicles

A fun way to cool down this summer is by enjoying sangria rosé popsicles . These popsicles will help you beat the heat while enjoying a tasty treat. It’s as easy as adding sliced berries, peaches, and kiwi in popsicle molds then filling them up with Rosé Sangria. The best part, you can keep them in your freezer to enjoy in the days after you’ve made them.

Piña colada

Another classic drink to enjoy this summer is the sweet and chilled piña colada . This delightfully retro cocktail is creamy, fruity, and super tasty. As the national drink of Puerto Rico, you know it has to be good. One sip of this will have you feeling like you’ve taken a trip to the tropics thanks to its blend of white rum, refreshing pineapple flavors, and coconut cream.

Vodka Spritzer

Fruity, bubbly, and sweet, a vodka spritzer is a perfect summer fix. Whether you’re trying to relax while sunbathing outside or enjoying a barbecue, this cocktail will make a refreshing addition. It is super easy to make and only requires mixing up the vodka, soda water, and other juices or fruits. This is a cocktail recipe that you can make all your own by choosing which fruits and juices you want to add.

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